Pedagogical Work

Moleko Danza Estudio was founded in Quito (Ecuador) in 2010 by Mercedes, after she graduated from profesional dance school in Mexico City. This was an ambitious pedagogical project since in Quito there were very few options for children to explore contemporary dance. Her dream was to offer contemporary dance classes for children and teenagers, enabling a space where it is possible for her to explore dance pedagogy, while finding ways to teach dance in an empowering, horizontal, and critical way.

Moleko Danza Estudio was conceived as a space for human development through the exploration of movement. The studio offers a place for younger and older adults to practice, contemporary dance, pilates and ballet. Nevertheless, different artists and teachers have been a part of the Moleko family, for instance, traditional African-Ecuadorian dance, body percussion, hip hop, yoga, theatre, among others.

Moleko is an acronym for the Spanish words for movement, language, and concept. For Mercedes these words are at the core of dance creation and very present in her pedagogical work.